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EASA 66 Module 14 provides easy to understand contents on principle of jet propulsion and the four main types of turbine engines. The principles and operation of the Engine Indicating Systems for engine monitoring are presented in detail.
  • 14.1 Turbine Engines
    • (a)- Constructional arrangement and operation of turbojet, turbofan, turbo-shaft and turbopropeller engines.
    • (b)- Electronic Engine control and fuel metering systems (FADEC)
  • 14.2 Engine Indicating Systems
    • Exhaust gas temperature / Inter-stage turbine temperature systems;
      Engine speed;
      Engine Thrust Indication: Engine Pressure Ratio, engine turbine discharge pressure or jet pipe
      pressure systems;
      Oil pressure and temperature;
      Fuel pressure ,temperature and flow;
      Manifold pressure;
      Engine torque;
      Propeller speed.