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The basic CBT module BM-04 provides an introduction to digital electronics and its building blocks. It also introduces the essential concepts of avionics data bus. The topics covered in this CBT are listed below. The CBT comprises of 197 pages of courseware that include text, audio, and graphics.
  1. Logic
    • Boolean algebra
    • Gates (functions, symbols)
    • Truth tables
    • Karnaugh maps
    • Flip- flops (types, operation, applications)
  2. Number Systems
    • Binary; Octal; Hexadecimal; Conversion of decimal to binary, octal & hexadecimal numbers and vice versa
    • Addition of numbers (Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal)
  3. Computers
    • Terminology
    • Microprocessors
    • Block diagram (CPU, Clock, Registers, ALU)
    • Functional Description
    • Digital computing techniques (Scope and contents TBD)
    • Programming (Scope and contents TBD)
    • Parallel and Serial Data Transfer
    • Memory (ROM, RAM, PROM)
    • Codes (BCD, Excess-3, Gray, ASCII, Parity)
    • Displays
      • CRT
      • LED
      • LCD
    • D/A, and A/D Conversion (Description and Application) Multiplexer & De-multiplexer (Description and Application)
  4. Digital Information Transfer (ARINC 429)
    • Rectifier Diode
    • Characteristics
    • Word Format