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The ATA36 CBT module covers the engine bleed air system, the APU bleed air system, and the relevant indicating system for commercial aircraft. The CBT has 64 pages of multimedia courseware that include text, audio, and graphics. The topics covered in this CBT are listed below.
  1. Introduction
    • Purpose
    • General Description
    • Component Locations
  2. Functional Description
  3. Engine Bleed Air
    • Introduction
    • Bleed Air Check Valve (5Th Stage)
    • High Stage Regulator/Valve
    • Bar and Prsov
    • Thermostat
    • Overtemperature Switch
  4. Engine Bleed Air Precooler System
    • Introduction
    • Precooler
    • Precooler Control Valve
    • Precooler Control Valve Sensor
  5. Manifold System
    • Introduction
    • Ground Pneumatic Connector Check Valve
    • Bleed Air Isolation Valve
  6. Apu Bleed System
    • Introduction
    • Dual Bleed Indication
  7. Pneumatic Indicating