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The ATA30 CBT module provides details of ice and rain protection system as applicable to commercial aircraft. The CBT has 56 pages of multimedia courseware that include text, audio, and graphics. The topics covered in this CBT are listed below.
  1. General Description
    • Introduction
    • Wing And Inlet Cowl Thermal Anti-Icing Systems
    • Air Data Probe Heat
    • Flight Compartment Windows
    • Lines And Drains
    • Controls
  2. Wing Thermal Anti-Icing System (WTAI)
    • Introduction
    • Component Location
    • WTAI Anti-Ice Panel
    • Wing Thermal Anti-Icing Shutoff Valve
    • Ground Overheat Thermal Switch
    • Control Stand Wing Anti-Ice Switches
  3. Inlet Cowl Anti-Icing System
    • Introduction
    • Inlet Cowl TAI Valve
    • Inlet Cowl TAI Pressure Switch
    • Operation
    • Controls
  4. Pitot And Static Anti-Icing
    • Introduction
    • Window/Pitot Heat Module
  5. Window Heating
    • Introduction
    • Window Heat Control Unit (WHCU)
    • WHCU Terminal Connections
    • Thermal Switch
    • Whcu Function
    • Window Heat Control Unit - Bite
  6. Windshield Wiper System
  7. Rain Repellent System