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The ATA25 CBT module provides description of equipment and furnishing in the flight compartment and also in the passenger cabin, as typically found in commercial aircraft. The CBT has 38 pages of multimedia courseware that include text, audio, and graphics. The topics covered in this CBT are listed below.
  1. Flight Compartment
    • Captain/First Officer Seats
    • Observer Seats
    • Misc.Equip/Furnishings - Left Side
    • Misc.Equip/Furnishings - Center
    • Misc. Equip/Furnishings - Right Side
  2. Passenger Compartment
    • Introduction
    • Inner Windows
    • Passenger Service Units
  3. Cargo Compartments
    • Introduction
  4. Emergency Equipment
    • Overwing Escape Straps
    • Escape Lanyards
    • Flight Compartment
    • Passenger Compartment
    • Escape Slides
    • Escape Slide Operation