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Turbine Engine Training System Model AE-11

The Model AE-11 Turbine Engine Training System is a functional,scaled down turbine engine ideally suited for training applications.The engine is a small compact free turbine engine manufactured by Honeywell/Allied Signal Inc. Elaborate safety features built in this engine test stand make it one of the safest designs on the market for education and testing roles. It comprises a gas generator and an accessory drive assembly. The gas generator incorporates a centrifugal compressor, an axial flow turbine rotating unit and an ignition and combustion system. The accessory drive assembly incorporates a lubrication pump, a fuel pump, a 50% cut-out switch, a generator and an electric start motor The engine has been modified from its original purposes as a gas turbine engine starter by removing the power recovery turbine and gear reduction unit and replacing with a custom fabricated exhaust nozzle to allow for continuous operation while not under load. The fuel control unit has been modified to allow for control of engine rpm by a Vernier throttle control.

Engine Specifications:

  • Thrust: 50 lbs (222N)
  • Fuel: Jet A (can also be operated on K-1 Kerosene)
  • Exhaust Gas Temp: 1475°F(800°C)
  • Mass Flow: 1.6 lb/s (0.7 jg/s)
  • Ignition system: Air gap, high voltage capacitordischarge type, hermetically sealed, ignition coil and igniter plug
  • Compressor Type: Single stage radial outflow
  • Turbine Type: Single stage axial flow
  • Engine RPM: 74,000 rpm max
  • Engine Mount: Two .75 inch polished steel rods via 4 linear ball bearings, allowing a direct thrust reading to be obtained by a load cell


Sensors are provided to measure direct thrust (from a load cell), fuel flow, engine rpm pressure at various stages of the engine and temperature at each stage of the engine. The LabVIEW™ software calculates the thrust from the fuel flow,temperature and pressure readings. The user has access to a wide range of data acquisition, graph plotting and display functions, such as:

  • Ambient temp.
  • Compressor entry temp.
  • Compressor exit temp.
  • Compressor entry pressure
  • Compressor exit pressure
  • Turbine entry temp.
  • Turbine exit pressure
  • Nozzle exit temp.
  • Nozzle exit pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil inlet temp.
  • Oil outlet temp.
  • Fuel flow
  • Air flow
  • Shaft speed
  • Thrust

Training Materials:

The Training System is provided with user manual, and extensive educational materials, including a CBT module